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Fully transparent mouse created


Researchers working at the California Institute of Technology have found a way to create transparent mice, a technique which could help others to perform experiments like mapping out details of the nervous system, or the spread of cancer in lab animals.

More plans for Google’s smart contact lens revealed


Google’s plans for a contact lens able to measure glucose levels were first announced in a blog post in January. Now the company is teaming up with major contact lens manufacturer Novartis, in order to bring even more features to the lens.

Video: Bio-Bots.

University of Illinois researchers have created robots that move using living muscle tissue.

Video: Human lung grown in lab for the first time.


Blood cells converted to stem cells in 30 minutes


A simple idea could be a game changer for stem cell research, after a Japanese team found a way to change blood cells into stem cells in only 30 minutes.

Implantable device generates power indefinitely.


Implanted devices such as pacemakers have traditionally relied on battery power to function, requiring surgery every time the battery is to be replaced. Now a joint US/Chinese team have developed a device able to generate enough power to potentially keep such devices powered indefinitely, using a

Google’s smart contact lens shown off


Google have announced in a blog post their work to develop a contact lens with “chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter, and an antenna thinner than a human hair”.


Credit card sized chip quickly diagnoses HIV.

The fluid processing chip works in a battery powered hand held device, and is designed to work in any part of the world for a quick, on-the-spot diagnosis, in less than 20 minutes.

Once in mass production, it is expected the reader would cost less than $1000, and each testing chip less than $10.