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More plans for Google’s smart contact lens revealed


Google’s plans for a contact lens able to measure glucose levels were first announced in a blog post in January. Now the company is teaming up with major contact lens manufacturer Novartis, in order to bring even more features to the lens.

Video: NASA rover roams the underside of frozen lakes.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is working on a rover that can be inserted under an ice sheet, before using its buoyancy to enable it to be driven untethered underwater, using the underside of the ice for traction.

One day such a system could be used on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa, but for now it’s being tested in Alaska, measuring salt content and temperature of the water there.

Timelapse video of how vines grow.

This was shot over seven days, with one frame every ten seconds.


Baby mammoth to go on display today.

New hybrid species announced


A Russian science lab has announced the creation of an entirely new species, using a technique known as somatic cell nuclear transfer. The species, known as Porcus volucer

Blood cells converted to stem cells in 30 minutes


A simple idea could be a game changer for stem cell research, after a Japanese team found a way to change blood cells into stem cells in only 30 minutes.